We can supply your business with a safety manual that is custom specific to your industry – and is in compliance with all applicable Federal and/or State OSHA requirements. Each safety manual is custom built, begining with the combination of all the various standards that are needed to meet the requirements of your Industry.

Your company’s safety information is then integrated into the document, using approximatly 15 different variables to create your company’s OSHA compliant safety manual. Each manual also includes a safety training program and 30 safety forms.

Each OSHA Safety Manual order is customized for each individual company and specific industry. To begin your order, please fill out our “Customization Form” below and submit your answers.

OSHA Safety Manual Customization Form

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How much time between safety meetings with all of the employees?

If Tailgate Safety Meetings or Toolbox Talks are performed, how often are they done?

Where will the emergency phone numbers be kept?

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