The Shining 2017

Jack Torrance takes care of the guard as in the winter wonder, so he can write Overlook Hotel safely mountain-locked. So when he comes with his wife and son, because their son is in prison, because he had previously been out of your mind, learning to revive. Jack slowly came to graduate, devil eye sick, I voted in the hotel.

He saw the Returning13 September 1972 by a poor unfortunate occurrence where the ferry boat was sunk in Paris Buntarthe death of all 20 passengers. Ah, accused of being a guerrilla Hanreuset driver in the area was learned by complaints. Twelve years, but they can still be the case of Han forget the pain and regret. One was found dead floating in the river. The emotional decision of the father to the daughter, Han Ah Ah! I will be entertained by my people, deciding to go back to his hometown to seek the truth, and only him, to face haunts from the spirits, dead dead friends in 13 tragediesSeptember in mid-term.


Title: English / Malay / Chinese

He added: P13

General Broadcast Date:August 21, 2017

genre: horror

currensTempus: 1 hour 44 minutes

Mega Dispenser Game Distribution Sdn Bhd

Actors: John White, Steve Yap, Parez Lim, Sherlyn Seo, Kevin Soo

Director: David Tliian

Format: 2D

The Shining 2017