TeamViewer Premium Enterprise 12

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TeamViever is a simple and fast solution for remote control, desktop sharing, and file downloading behind the file and NAT proxy. To connect to other computers, just TeamVieverIs on both machines, without installation for installation. At the first time your partner starts, the identifier automatically creates tkovego … on both computers. Enter the participant name in TeamViever and the link will be created immediately.With thousands of users worldwide, TeamViever is a standard support tool and helps people in remote locations. This software can also be used for presentations where you can display your desktop to your partner.This application is compatible with VNC and provides secure and secure data transfer with maximum security.

TeamViever connects both PCs worldwide in a few seconds. You can deal remotely from your partner as you sit in front of you.TeamViever is free for private use.

Attributes –

One solution for everyone. Although most competitors offer a range of remote support packages, management, training and sales(And also charging), the application is one of the best solutions for all you need: Modules in one package and affordable package.

Remote control of the server is not enough. TeamViever can also be used to control inadequate access to computers and servers.Installing a system service can make even the startup and setting up a new connection.

Download the file. TeamViever has integrated file transfer that allows you to copy files and files from and to remote colleagues working in Wall Security.

The highest standard of securityTeamViever is a very secure solution. All versions have a secure space for data that has a major swapper and encrypted RC4 encoded using https / SSL.

Do not install. TeamViever does not require the administrator’s privilege to install TeamVieverJust run the software and go

High performance via international network of diameters. Optimized for Internet and Internet connectivity, TeamViever offers automatic selection of high quality flows for the best use of all the links.

TeamVieverUsing an international server network extends from servers across multiple locations across the world, so wherever you are, I’m sure there’s a powerful, high-performance program near your destination.

InstallationVsparcieBez from afar. Thanks to TeamViever, you can remotely control any computer from anywhere on the Internet. It does not need to be installed, just run the application on both sides and even connect to the wall.

Remote presentation of goods,Solutions and services. Another mode of TeamViever allows users to display the desktop. Show your presentation, product and presentation over a few seconds on the screen.

Behind weapons. The main problem with using a remote computer is to set up the file andFirewall portsNAT for local IP addresses. If you use TeamViever, you do not need to worry about a firewall: TeamViever will find your way to your partner.

The application is convenient for different uses. TeamViever allows you to connect with your partner in different ways:You can view or control Dual Control panels for online help; You can pass the screen to your partner for the presentation. Even though you can change the instructions in real time.


TeamViewer Premium Enterprise 12