Nero 2017 Platinum

Nero 2017 Platinum Multilingual + Content Pack

Looking for better protection for your services and files, faster video editing and easier to use? Let’s go! Nero 2017 Platinum offers you the highest quality you expect,All new comprehensive features, powerful technologies and digital tutorials will help you in your digital project.

Usually a great security!

Run the Nero 2017 Platinum using the Nero QuickStart and get the most important jobs on the road, but not all:You can use CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs to copy and save images, videos, music and information using long-lasting Nero technology. * And if you need maximum security, the new SecurDisc provides password protection and encryption256 bits, so all that’s on your computer is on your computer’s computer!

Create creativity for full enthusiasm!

The latest version of Nero 2017 Platinum offers a high quality and creative choice for your multimedia files.Perform high quality state HEVC () or transfer 4K and HD video on your computer from smartphones, digital cameras and video cameras.

Confirm your conversation with a clear or advanced video editing using a video model4K and over 800 spectacular effects. At first you can shoot individual scenes from long movies. Add a stylish menu with high quality DVDs and Blu-ray discs so you can get into it.The scene away, you need a sleeve design according to your needs. Nero CoverDesigner and enjoy high quality output for your music and videos. We miss something? Oh, yes, popcorn!

All models of the model!

Combine this:Access all formats, including high quality HEVC (), and put in almost any form. Rip Videos *, AVCHD * and Blu-ray * and use only files for new projects. By clicking one, you can send a CD audio directly to a connected mobile device.In this process, Nero automatically makes the most simple changes with the best sound.

Relax and enjoy!

Turn on the speaker, adjust screen: Nero MediaHome can find pictures, titles and music videos and play fast. And with the programIdeal Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync, they can be imported into flash memory and sent to any device – a smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android.

Play all audio and video formats, including 4K (Ultra HD) andHigh quality HEVC. Thanks to the new Gracenote connection, it’s easier than ever to find your phone using the song title, using the old cover. Extend your music collection with Music Recorder and save MP3 from thousands of internet radio stations.It sounds good, is not it good?

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Nero 2017 Platinum