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Most Wanted Most Wanted: Minimum Edition (c) EA

Issue date: 03/2017 Protection: Source + User-defined

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For many you want, you must destroy the livestock, throw it away

Friends and more your competitors. With the missing police

you must go

Decisions Use the open world for your benefit to hide

Advertising, overlays and obtaining of new cars to act before you.

In fact, your friends aredid not heart

Your experience In the open world without menus or lobbies, you will be

You can convince your friends right away and try your driving

Knowledge in several unconscious events of the player. Your opponents will be

do all you can to keep up. In this

The world, you may just have to be one


strong power

pride gift

Speed ​​Speed: Most Wanted 2012 (NFS MW 12) (c) Electronic Art

Date –

Set – Drag drive (s) ……………….. 1 DVD


NeedSpeed: Most Want It is the Open World Racing game. The game is

The release of 19 years in a long-term need for a maximum speed, however

Listen to the first games of a series when players compete

in the community with a police officer united against them. The race has a beginning

At the end of the final, with the design of a clear world game, the players

Fill in with the way they can find it. more potential

The performance includes a unique mix of simulation and arcade

Game, gameplay, gameplaysocial through the feature of Autolog 2, which attracted him

Multiplayer support and full selection of cars.

Elude Cops and competitors in the Open World Racing Play

To be “Most Wanted”, players must have a cow

Friends and more your competitors. With the missing police

when you find your way.

Use the clear world for your benefit, find hidden places, get rid of it

And get new cars so you can move on. In the true criterion

The fashion of the game, your friend is the heartyour experience in

The open world without menus or influence, you can hurry

Challenge your friends and test your driving skills in various ways

Seamless multiplayer events. Your opponents will do everything they can

prevents it gets longer. In this world there is only one

Certainly, there may be only one “Most Want.”

Take the streets and become the most experienced driver in Fairhaven

Need for Speed Most Wanted Limited