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For a long time, the new file manager has not been published on our site, it’s already a day. If you decide to download the Most Commander and our project for full newsletter, you will find a good manager working with files with a card system and a good alternative to the Windows Explorer level. Remember that in ancient times the plan was paid after the developers decided to be stupid and to make it quite, that’s a little.

Many commanderWorks With its highly efficient information support, you get two simple file handling panels. According to the developers of this program completely everything you need for the handling of the file files, you should now take a limited time to make easy operation. Of course, you will find all the features of the driver, ie. You can publish, move, name, and perform other activities in selected files.

MultiCommander has additional features, such as supportopen the file directly, select the file, edit the registry, and connect to remote servers, e.g. Has FTP support. You can see all types of files and images and texts to enable automation of a large number of transactions. Multi Commander Commander is slowly used, for the first time it is less used, it seems to be too much, but it is used, there is Russian support, so, to understand the vast number of settings will not be very difficult, frightening and absent not caused.

ThanksWith the card you can open the software in several tabs, it’s very simple, I’m always putting this just. For embedded caching, you can see the file quickly. Multi Commander lets you customize the appearance of the interface. You can change the background color, and the other parameters in the main window, you can add apps into various additional features you would like for different files, do not forget about a large number of audiences, which means that you can not only see images and to write a sound structure. ToGenerally, the color of many Commanders may be too long, especially in most programs, on the official site, you can read all the details, and finish with this small review.

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Multi Commander v6