Kolestrol Vs Cinta 2017

We created the Kolestrol CintaDirected from St. Chris, a beautiful and caring young woman who did not take anything from the author, but in the film about her image. Irfan falls in love, but the problem is that women with Irfan have a slightly more serious side. Now her way of life and the liberation of Chris shouldWork hard on the problem of weight.

Language: Malay

Title: N.A.

Clad: N.A.

General information Release date: August 14, 2017

Genre: Pop / Romance

Duration: not available


Cast: Zakay; Kamal Adlarien Ardell Ariana

Director: John Egger

Format: 2D

Kolestrol Vs Cinta 2017

Kolestrol Vs Cinta 2017